In 2010, professors Fernando Pereira and Carlos Cavallé, former deans of the IESE Business School, established the IESE International Foundation.

Due to their professional and academic experience, they saw the value in establishing an entity that would promote the training of educators and researchers around the world, as well as business management research and development cooperation, also by means of business schools in developing countries.

In the first years of operation, in addition to having received the first family legacy, a good number of institutions, companies and private individuals decided to support the Foundation’s project in a stable way.

Subsequently, the Foundation has encouraged similar institutions in several countries. These are legal entities in each country, with their own autonomy and governing bodies, that do, however, collaborate in joint projects via the respective collaboration agreements. Among these are the IESE Foundation-US, the IESE Foundation-UK and the IESE Stiftung Germany.