About the foundation

Sobre la fundación

The IESE International Foundation is a non-profit, private international initiative, established in 2010. Its goal is to promote the training at the highest level of teachers and researchers in schools and university faculties, and in particular at the IESE Business School. It encourages the training of the leaders of companies and institutions capable of contributing to the improvement of society.

It also promotes the development in countries eligible for development aid through the training of their leaders and academics, the promotion and consolidation of business schools and the financing of some welfare projects carried out by these schools.

To fulfill its mission, the Foundation  conducts its activity directly and also collaborates with other non-profit organizations. In particular it collaborates with the IESE Foundation-US, the IESE Foundation-UK and with the IESE Stiftung. The Board of Trustees selects entities and projects in accordance with the Foundation’s aims and values, closely monitoring all projects.